Thermal Break 65

  • Compliance with ASNZS 4859.1
  • Fire retardant
  • 15 Year warranty
  • Heavy duty commercial grade XPE foam insulation.

Thermal Break 65 is your solution for shed insulation, achieving comfortable indoor temperatures that are significantly cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Thermal Break 65 is manufactured with a patented closed-cell foam structure sandwiched by highly reflective foil surfaces, and is the fibre-free, non-allergenic alternative to conventional bulk insulation.

Product Data


Reflective: E0.03
Anti-glare: E0.05

Roll sizes

1350 mm x 22.23 m (30 m2)

Product thickness

5 mm

Max. Span

2.4 m without support mesh


Thermal Break 65 specially manufactured for below applications

  • Roof Insulation-┬áResidential & commercial Metal Roof, Metal Deck Roof
  • Wall Insulation-┬áSteel-framed, Metal Clad & Warehouse Wall.

15 Year

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