Double Garage insulation Kit

DYI Double Garage (16 panel ) Door Insulation Kit

Important – This kit only suitable for panel double garage doors.

If you have an uninsulated garage door then this retrofit insulation kit is the best solution to make your garage more comfortable in both summer and winter.
For many people the garage is the space in the house for hobbies, home improvement projects and car maintenance. Since many garage doors offer little more than a thin sheet of metal between you and the elements, these spaces can be drifty and cold making year-round usage uncomfortable.


DYI  Double Garage Door (16 panel ) Material Kit Included:

  •  1 Rolls of 6.5mm foil/ XPE foam / foil insulation (21m x 0.5m).
  •  Double Sided tape roll 10m.
  •  Liquid nail.
  •  50m x 45mm foil tape roll
  •  Step by Step Instructions


Product Data

Silver side Emittance


Antiglare side Emittance


Roll Size

0.5m x 21m

Roll Diameter


Product Thickness


Roll Weight

6 kg

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